Andrea Stemmer | Furniture

Wedge Shelves
Aller Shelves
Jules Mirror
Max Bar Stool
Aller Sideboard
Julia Table
Otto Side Table
Wave Table
Every force evolves a form
Arrowhead Table
Dialogue Sofa
Cowley Manor Hotel Roomset
Cowley Manor Hotel Desk
Cowley Manor Hotel Dining Table and Chair
Cowley Manor Hotel Wardrobe
Up-cycled Magazine Rack
Garden Bench
Stride Chair and Dining Table
Flow Cabinet
Agnes High Shelves
Up-cycled Waste Bin
Flow Low Table
360° Storage Unit Detail
Rhyme Chair
Whoever said pleasure wasn’t functional?
Fred Coffee Table
Everyman Chair
Centrepiece Table
Brie Up-cycled Table
Coppice Table
Cowley Manor Linen Cupboard