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Andrea Stemmer is passionate about furniture, and has been since finishing her joinery apprenticeship in Germany in 1984. She fell in love with Great Britain a few years previous when attending Atlantic College in Wales on a student scholarship, from 1978–1980. In 1987 Andrea completed her formal studies by going to Parnham, the renowned school for craftsmen in wood. She studied fine cabinet-making and furniture design. Since then she has been designing and making furniture on her own and in partnership with others.

Andrea Stemmer

Before Andrea began in solo practice (as Andrea Stemmer), she was part of the renowned partnership, Kay + Stemmer (2000–2012). Andrea and Sarah collaborated on a range of projects including Cowley Manor Hotel, as well as a wide-range of furniture for the retail market, including SCP, Heal’s and Benchmark.

Andrea’s designs, and approach to life, strive for integrity, simplicity and elegance. She does not follow trends but follow her intuition and knowledge.

She now works to produce designs that fulfil: bespoke commissions; product design for retail; and experimental pieces based on the principles of up-cycling.

Bespoke: Andrea enjoys working on bespoke commissions as it is very personal response and site specific. Each piece is a unique combination of person and place, and it is her job to interpret this and bring it into form. She finds this work innovative and creative and enjoys developing co-creative relationships with her clients.

Retail: She has co-designed best-selling furniture ranges for Heal’s, SCP, Benchmark and MARK. Each piece embodies elegance and lightness, made with integrity and the highest quality of craftsmanship. For Andrea, the challenge is in blending timeless simplicity with functionality and longevity. Her furniture have been described as modern classics that people fall in love with and treasure for a life-time. New collaborations with retailers are in the pipeline.

Up-cycling: Her latest passion is up-cycling. She uses products and materials that have been cast away, and combines them with fine craftsmanship to create new high quality products that are full of nostalgia, history and patina; products that begin a new life by revealing their previous one. Up-cycling brings life back to waste materials and value is added with skill, contemporary design, handwork and creativity.

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